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The Whip TW-8100 Anti - Theft Detection Device

The TW-8100 is a professional grade air conditioner theft detection device designed to connect air conditioner coils to an electronic security system.  The TW-8100’s unique design incorporates a mechanically operated dry contact and a sealed array of field-selectable End-of-Line Resistors (EOLRs) so that it can be securely connected to almost any brand of electronic security system.  

Installation is simple, it connects to one of the existing test valves located on the exterior condensing unit of an air conditioner system and is wired to a zone on an electronic security system.  Once installed, it monitors the pressure inside of the refrigerant lines and coils of the air conditioner system. When the refrigerant line is cut (e.g. by a thief) and the pressure drops to 5psi or less, the internal contact of the TW-8100 opens to create an alarm condition on the electronic security system.

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The Whip TW-8100 Anti - Theft Detection Device

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