Goodman HVAC equipment can use a variety of different motors. Many models use a variable-speed motors that use less electricity than regular motors, reducing your energy costs.

Split-phase and capacitor-start designs have start windings that are taken out of the circuit by a mechanical or electronic switch after the motor reaches approximately two-thirds to three-quarters of full speed. Capacitor-start/run designs also have auxiliary windings, but they stay in the circuit in the run mode. On this design, the switch's function is to remove the start capacitor and connect the run capacitor. Permanent-split-capacitor designs have main and phase windings, and a run capacitor, which is always in the circuit

Squirrel cage and induction-type refer to the construction and operation of the rotor. Current is induced into the rotor as there are no brushes or other physical connections between the rotor and stator. 

For three-phase motors, a three-phase current sets up a rotating magnetic field that produces the starting torque without additional components such as switches and capacitors, or separate windings. 

In regard to single-phase motors, a single-phase current sets up a pulsating magnetic field, so single-phase motors use several different methods to start. Shaded-pole motors are the simplest, employing a copper shading bar on one side of each main startor coil.

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