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Goodman B1859005S Inducer Blower Assembly with Gasket


  • GMP050-3
  • GMP075-3
  • GMP075-4
  • GMP100-3
  • GMP100-4
  • GMP100-5
  • GMP125-4
  • GMP125-5
  • GMP150-5
  • GMPE075-3
  • GMPE075-3A
  • GMPE100-4
  • GMPE100-4A
  • GMPE125-5
  • GMPE125-5A
  • GMPH050-3
  • GMPH075-4
  • GMPH080-5
  • GMPH120-5
  • GMPV075-1.5
  • GMPV075-3
  • GMPV100-3
  • GMPV100-5
  • GMPV125-3
  • GMPV125-5
  • GPD050-3
  • GPD075-3
  • GPD100-4
  • GPD125-4

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Inducer Fan Assembly 
The inducer fan motor is a small motor usually in the gas burner compartment and this small fan or blower is required to pull the hot gasses through the heat exchanger so that those gasses are blown into the flue vent.

The inducer fan motor must be run properly with a safety pressure switch connected to the inducer fan blower housing with a small rubber tube. If the inducer fan motor is not proven on then the gas furnace heating unit should stop. It and may try the same sequence a couple more times after a time delay but if it continues to fail to run the heating unit will usually shut off and lock out. 

This can be caused by a faulty pressure switch, a bad rubber tube or in some cases the inducer fan or blower itself is not working correctly. An alternative cause for failure could be a blockage in the gas vent flue.   

Older gas furnace heating units (generally all pre-2000) do not have an inducer fan and are natural draft units, most of these heating units have been replaced by the new fan inducer technology. 

These heating units usually do not have a control board or have a much simpler version of a control board which is usually just an ignition control unit. 

Not all Draft Inducer Fan Assemblies look alike and they are not interchangeable.

  • Item #: B1859005S

Goodman B1859005S Inducer Blower Assembly with Gasket

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